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dependability and quality are paramount

Service, quality, and short lead times are the benchmarks of Safe Plating


ABOUT Safe Plating, Inc.

Safe Plating, Inc. was founded in 1978 in Torrance, Ca by Mario Gomez & Magdy Seif with 5 employees.  Today Safe Plating has grown and operates out of a 37,000 square foot facility in City of Industry, CA and employs 60 personnel. 



Non-Precious metal plating

Plating of non-precious metals uses a combination of copper, nickel, electroless nickel, tin, tin/lead, and/or RoHs tin.  Common combinations involve a base layer of copper with nickel over that.

Precious metal plating

Plating of precious metals like silver, gold, and palladium nickel is how Safe Plating made their name in in the industry.  As a leader and innovator in precious metal plating, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to provide quality servicing.




Continuous reel to reel plating is a high speed, efficient, and economical way of plating both precious and non-precious metals.  Reel to reel plating allows for strips of raw material or stamped material to be plated overall or by selectively plating a zone



Barrel plating is used for overall plating of loose parts.  Both precious and non-precious metals can be applied during barrel plating process with the added capability of electroless nickel.



Like barrel plating, rack plating is used to plate bulk loose parts with precious and non-precious metals.  Where it differs is that rack plating is used when the loose parts are fragile by nature and may become damaged by the agitation used in barrel plating.

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