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Safe Plating has 8 custom reel to reel plating lines, a barrel plating line, and a rack plating line, all with various types of precious and non-precious plating setups to meet all our customers plating requirements.

Our reel-to-reel plating lines capabilities include overall plating, selective plating, and controlled depth plating of bandolier pins, lead frames, strips, coils, and contact pins on a carrier.  

Plating finishes for our reel to reel applications include:

  • Gold

  • Nickel

  • Palladium Nickel

  • RoHs Tin

  • Tin/Lead

  • Copper

Our barrel plating line specializes in bulk plating of micro-miniature parts, to parts with large diameters.  Our barrel line has been designed to manage hundreds of plating loads a day that range from plating precious metals like gold and silver to non-precious metals like copper, nickel, tin, and tin-lead.  We also have the capability to run electroless nickel on our  barrel line for those applications that require it.

For discreet parts such as flat packs, metal to metal seals, headers, or other fragile parts Safe Plating has a full service rack plating line.  With our rack line having the same capabilities as our barrel line, we can cover any loose plated part needed.

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