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Our Mission

Safe Plating, Inc. was founded in in 1979 by Magdy Seif, and Mario Gomez, and began with 15 people, and now employs over 80.  We started in a small plating shop in Torrance, and later moved to City of Industry in 1980 where we designed our 37,000 square foot plating facility with precious metal plating standards in mind to optimize our production.  We currently house 8 reel-to-reel plating lines, a barrel plating line, and a rack plating line.  

As a leader in the plating industry we hold ourselves to the highest environmental standards.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve our fingerprint on the world, while still providing the quality and service that our customers are used to you.  In order to do so, we re-invest, on a yearly basis, into our waste-water treatment system.

Safe Plating is a leader in the industry when it comes to its quality and standards. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain a 99.9% quality performance with our customers and a 98% on-time delivery. 

 As a whole, our company consistently strives to be a 100% quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction company.

Internal services


In house  Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory

Safe Plating maintains its own in house chemical laboratory to aide in maintaining consistent and uniform plating baths.  Our chemical lab also maintains our environmental waste water system that allows us to lead the charge on environmental concerns in our industry.  Using 2 Atomic Absorption machines, our lab technicians are able to  efficiently and accurately maintain the plating baths at optimum level.


Full Service Quality Control department

Quality Assurance

Safe Plating has an in-house full service quality control lab to ensure that we maintain our 99.9% quality rating with our customers. 


  • 2 X-Ray Machines: used for non-destructive thickness testing.

  • Metallograph and Lapping: used for cross sectioning.

Other Testing capabilities

  • Solderability

  • Steam Aging

  • Tape Tests

  • Bend Tests

  • Force Tests

  • Porosity Tests

  • Any special test that is required for the application.

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